Our stationery can often be the first thing people see or come into contact with. It's just as important that things like our slide deck and other items sound and look great as you're always representing us whenever you use them.

Slide decks and PowerPoint

When creating decks for presenting ideas or for training – make them exceptional, not average. We want people who see our slides to feel inspired by our use of confident language and statements, facts and evidence. We’re not trying to be be everything to everyone. We use bold colour, photography and illustration to show and build upon ideas and concepts.

Always think about your end audience and make sure you pitch the tone, content and level right.

We shouldn’t be creating poor communications like this

Awful use of word art

But we should be thinking how we can create exceptional presentations like this

Tips for creating expert talks and presentations

  • Always have a separate title slide
  • Make the aims of your talk clear at the outset, think about the role of each of your slides in the presentation
  • Always have a concluding slide
  • Repeat slides rather than navigating backwards and forwards
  • Make a story out of what you have to tell
  • Make your slides attractive, use graphics and illustrations to illustrate your ideas
  • Use statistics and numbers and make them bold and clear
  • Don’t clutter your slides with too much information

Word and stationery templates

All of our templates have been designed so that they’re easy to use. Where possible, the fonts (typefaces) and colours will have be set ready for you. But if you do need to change something, please make sure you keep it within our brand guidelines.