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May 2022
Society of Tissue Viability
Hard to heal wounds
Content types
Symposium, Video

Scientific Symposium presented at the Society of Tissue Viability 2022 Conference, Glasgow sponsored by Smith + Nephew


Kate Williams – 


Lauren Olenczuk – Healthcare Outcomes Manager – Smith+Nephew

Jeanette Milne – Chief Matron for Community Services at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


This symposium consisted of two presentations on the challenges of unhealing wounds, and their disproportionate burden on both resources, costs and patient care. We explored the impacts of terminology and language, potential solutions to consider, including how to kickstart these wounds back into a healing trajectory, and a call to action.

Learning objectives

  • To understand the importance of the terms we use in hard to heal wounds
  • To understand the practical issues with using different terminology that means the same thing
  • To recognise how differences in terminology can impact both clinical practice and the patient experience
  • To understand the financial impact of hard to heal wounds
  • To recognise how differences in clinical pathways impact on both practitioner and the patient experience
  • To understand the current clinical evidence and early clinical application of sNPWT to manage symptoms, address patient goals, and prevent wound complications