Ask the expert: GP special. Live webinar with Dr Sarah Jarvis discussing leg health

Tired, heavy legs getting you down? Get the answers you need from two healthcare experts

We’re hosting a very special webinar on 9 Jan at 6pm GMT with television’s Dr Sarah Jarvis GP and Legs Matter’s Dr Leanne Atkin, Vascular Nurse Consultant

Speaker – Dr Sarah Jarvis, MBE, FRCGP, GP and Medical Broadcaster

Speaker – Dr Leanne Atkin, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust and Research Fellow at University of Huddersfield

Moderator – Dr Karen Ousey PhD, MA, PGDE, BA, RN, Professor of Skin Integrity, Director for the Institute of Skin Integrity & Infection Prevention, Universiry of Huddersfield

It’s your chance to ask any questions about your legs and to find out how to talk to your GP about your leg health. Email your questions to and don’t forget to set your reminder for 9 January at 6pm!

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