Examples and inspiration

Using our brand shouldn't be scary, it should be something you get excited about and that you're proud to show to everyone.

Applying our brand

The following shows examples of how you can bring all of our brand elements together to create engaging, well-considered and high quality communications.

Your simple check list

Whether you’re writing an email, popping together a slide deck, or creating a scientific poster – check the following to make sure you’re making the most of our brand.

  1. Regardless of whether you’re writing a scientific paper, a poster or a blog – if it’s not written in an accessible way – what’s the point? Check out our tips for writing and tone of voice.
  2. Have I applied the logo in the correct way?
  3. Have I used our illustrations or photography – or even a bit of both to bring my communication to life?
  4. Are the colours correct?
  5. Did I use the correct font?
  6. Do I feel proud of what I’ve created and does it support our purpose and what we do?

Digital applications


Endorsements and print ideas

Skincare Champions and print ideas

Brand reminders

Cover ideas